Our Story


The desire to create SugarMelon Handmade Cosmetics was motivated by Founder and CEO, Danica’s struggle to improve her skin. She struggled with occasional acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation, and Eczema. After being prescribed numerous expensive steroids, she grew frustrated. There had to be a healthier alternative! 

She then enrolled in school for Esthetics, to increase her knowledge of skincare. While in school, a bit of valuable advice from her instructor was, ”To be successful in this industry, you have to learn how to read and understand product labels.” After receiving her license, she began to work at a hair removal center in Miami, Florida as a wax technician. A common issue she encountered while retailing products was the majority of her clients had sensitive skin and couldn't use the fragranced products the company sold.

At this time, she also developed a severe eczema breakout, so she began to read all the ingredients on her skincare products labeled as dermatologists recommended. Most of the products contained parabens, chemical detergents, synthetic lathering agents, and formaldehyde, etc. This discovery motivated her to use products made from only natural ingredients. She began to purchase natural body butter and oils to use on her skin. She also began to learn about cold processed soaps vs. commercial soaps. After noticing the improvements with her skin, she decided to take her knowledge and passion for skincare a step further.


SugarMelon’s mission: 

To be recognized not only as a brand that provides healthy products with wholesome ingredients, but also an educator in the natural skincare industry. We aim to educate our customers on lifestyle choices that affect the nature of their skin in addition to choosing products with safe ingredients. Caring for your skin is more than purchasing a product.